Real Estate Property Acquisition

I’m Jo.


And I help people
sell their property.

I'm not a Real Estate Agent.
I’m a Site Acquisitions Contractor. 

I work on behalf of property developers and builders to help them source potential opportunities.

And when an opportunity presents itself, I work hard to create win-win-win situations for all involved. I offer a different way to help sell selected properties, and the best bit?


You don’t pay me
any commission.


Can I help you?

Property I'm looking for is very specific.
If you can check these two requirements, then we should talk:

1. The property you have has development potential and is
located in South East Queensland.

You may have a block that can be subdivided into smaller residential blocks; maybe it can be halved into a splitter or an old house replaced with a modern duplex, townhouses or a unit block. 

And this particular property is located in South East Queensland - anywhere from Coolangatta to Cooroy.


2. You're thinking of selling, but you're not in a rush. 

The fact is property development takes time. We have to conduct feasibilities, do due diligence, talk with council, town planners, civil engineers etc etc etc. Initial due diligence can take 30-90 days; then if everything stacks up, the Development Application process with the local council can take between 9-12 months. 

And during this time, we want exclusive rights to your property. We don't want to invest all this time and money only to find that the property has been sold to someone else.  

But the trade off for you is more money. 

Should your property meet our development criteria, we will offer you above market rates in exchange for giving us time and exclusivity.

AND, when we do settle on your property, you do NOT pay me any commission. What we agree on as a price for your property is all yours.